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At garage door Repair Company in Rolling Meadows, IL, we are there to help you every time the garage door need repair. Whether it is emergency garage door repair, casual maintenance, or new garage door installation, our trained and certified technicians are just one call away.

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What Can We Help You With Today?

Garage door springs endure a lot of pressure when the garage door is opened or shut down. However, they go through wear & tear over time and eventually break to the point where your garage door won’t open or shut. It is quite dangerous to repair the torsion and extension springs yourself. That is why it is best to call one of our technicians who specialize in repairing all kinds of torsion and extension springs.

Out of Track

Misaligned or broken panels fall apart quickly and can cause a bend in your garage door. If you have accidentally broken your garage door panels or have noticed wear and tear.We offer timely and professional garage door panel repair services 

New Garage Door

At some point, you would need to replace your old garage door with an automated yet new one. If you are in a position to improve the outlook of your home, call us and we will make the entire installation process as hassle-free as possible.

Tune Up Services

Garage Door need Maintenance and lubrication over time, Most of the garage door part built from metal and with time they get wear and tear on door mechanisms , to prevent it very recommended to do tune up once a year  

Cables Issue

Garage door cable is a working part that lifts up the garage door and balance the door to go straight. Cables snap usually due to high tension or due to constant wear and tear from shutting or opening the garage door with time .

New Opener

We can replace your broken opener with a new one that will provide you with years of service without any trouble. Whether you need a battery backup opener, a smart door opener, or an overhead opener, we have them all. We have high-end and cost-effective models to do your repair at competitive rates. Call us now and we will send a team of experienced technicians your way.

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We have been serving the Rolling Meadows, IL area and its neighboring areas for more than a decade. During 10 years, we have gained a tremendous reputation as a reliable yet affordable garage door company in Rolling Meadows, IL. We have continued to grow and expand our customer base throughout the areas of Illinois. As of now, we have repaired more than 1000 garage doors and provide all types of repair, installation, and maintenance services.

Specialized expertise

Each one of our technicians that serve the people of Rolling Meadows and surrounding areas in Illinois are experienced, certified, licensed, and insured. Moreover, all of our garage door repair services are insured. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any accidental damage to your garage door whatsoever.

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garage door repair Rolling Meadows
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Totally professional, terrific pricing and great expertise. No hidden charges. I had a complete garage door motor replaced, installation of a keypad and new clickers and new wall button. Tech explained every part of the process beforehand and when he left after only a couple of short hours - everything worked perfectly. I'm thrilled. Great company. Thanks again. You guys rock
Very good service, can't complain. Work got done, friendly and honest garage door repair company that is also local!!! Definitely recommended!!
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